What’s That About?

FF40 is a series of puzzles near to Rotherfield Peppard, down in the south-east corner of Oxfordshire and not far north of Reading. We went down there because it was the weekend of the Reading half marathon, which Kas was running.

Kas dropped us off nearby and then drove down into Henley-on-Thames to spend the afternoon with an old work friend. Ami and me got ourselves buckled up for a bit of walking.

I’d solved all these and a number of others in the area (at some personal cost) over the preceding weeks and was now ready to do the walk. It was a nice day, but we didn’t notice because the walk was almost entirely under tree cover. This also meant, of course, that some of the caches were hard to find. Heavy tree cover often obscures the satellite signal.

The walk took us about 5 hours in total. It’s a good job we took some snacks with us.

After the walk around in the trees we walked along the road into Rotherfield Peppard to grab a few more whilst waiting for Kas to come and fetch us back. By the time Kas reached us we’d walked 12km and found 52 caches. We grabbed 3 more in the car to get the number of puzzles found on the day to more than 50.

From here we drove down into Reading and stayed overnight so we were handily placed for the race the day after. The hotel we had was a bit rubbish. That’s always a possibility when you’re trying to keep the costs down. We managed to find somewhere decent for dinner though.

The caches we found around the FF40 were :