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The Sketch

A day of generally messing around was punctuated by a quick trip out to grab a few new caches over in Woughton-on-the-Green, and filling a gap in the “Days I’ve Been Caching” matrix on the stats page.

I had unexpected and very welcome company provided by Izzy, or Wandering Primrose as she’s known in caching circles. It’s always a joy when one of the girls comes with me. Ami was sadly rather ill after having a cold and then wanting to do Parkrun in Bedford yesterday.

Izzy and I parked up in the little car park just by the pond at the north end of Woughton and togged up suitably. Izzy brought along her trusty old scooter. Her spangly new one was locked in Kas’s car and I didn’t have the keys handy. So off we set for a quick jaunt in the sunshine.

Just as we got back to the car we were standing next to a guy with a bike. He was just about set off on a ride somewhere, but he got delayed. Izzy decided it would be a good idea to talk to him about going back to school tomorrow. Which she isn’t. But it makes for good conversation.

The Caches

We did the following three caches :

  • My Local Park 4 – A quick cache, but one where I unfortunately came a cropper trying to jump a ditch to what proved to be the wrong tree.
  • My Local Park 3 – Another easy one stuck in a tree at Izzy’s eye height, after I had originally gone a-wandering off around the wrong side of a fence and found myself in some fairly impenetrable vegetation.
  • Waterside…the return – A location I have visited before, but where the owner bizarrely decided to create a completely new cache rather than to re-enable the existing one. The first time round I had the very tall Gary from CASH and Gary with me to do the reaching. This time I had to do it myself.

So now there’s two more in this series over the other side of the V7 in Woolstone. So I might go out filling a gap again tomorrow.