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Double Entendres

I am truly sorry, but every time I go caching anywhere near Cockayne Hatley I am immediately reminded of the Viz character Finbarr Saunders and his double entendres. Fnarr fnarr, gnumph, snortle !

I’m glad I’ve got that out of my system. I just had to get it off my chest.

Sorry, I’ll stop.

I’ve been suffering from what can only be described as a loss of mojo recently. I think I may have dropped it one day whilst walking around the Hatley Heart Attack series. So generally over the summer I’ve been rather half-hearted about going out caching at all, and have only really done any serious amount on days (or weekends) when I was able to share it with someone else, such as the Valenciennes Mega, the Geolympix and the North Wales Mega. I’ve had a number of weekends where I just couldn’t be bothered with it. This was starting to grate a bit, so I decided this weekend go for it. I could take advantage of the ladies of the house being away.

My mojo wasn’t there on Saturday, and it looked like Sunday would also no good. But then just after 11 am the sky suddenly started to brighten up a bit. So I decided that if I wasn’t going out this afternoon I might as well jack it in altogether. So I decided to go and give it a go. I’d already lost a third of the available daylight, but hey, never mind. Me and Dr Evil headed off in a generally eastward direction, destined for a couple of newish series over in Hatley-Heart-Attack-land. My original plan had been to attempt four series here, but there was no way I was going to fit in that many, what with me not leaving home until 11:30.

Cockayne Hatley

The first series was at Cockayne Hatley, although it’s actually named after nearby Wrestlingworth. This is a circuit I have definitely done before, on May 30th, 2015. On that day I had Izzy with me. Obviously the owner got bored of that previous series and archived them. They were replaced in short order by someone else.

The new circuit is a roughly square series of 26 caches. It has a couple of extras on a little offshoot at the north-west corner. It took me just over two hours to do them, so you can tell it was fairly easy going. I was wearing a ski jacket over a t-shirt and this proved to be far too warm. But I survived and was soon back at the car.

Guilden Morden

After this my next move was to head towards a series in Steeple Morden, taking a stop off at Guilden Morden on the way to deal with a bit of unfinished business. On a previous day around the Heart Attack I’d ended up here with Ami after our day’s walk. That time we did the church micro, but Ami really needed the toilet, and there was nowhere to go. So we just went home instead, despite it being quite early in the day. It was three days before Christmas though, and we’d been out all day. It meant we’d left a perfectly good Village Sign and another Church Micro though, and they’ve been burning (well, smouldering) on the map ever since. Both were easy.

After taking totally the wrong road out of there I eventually ended up making my way around to the Steeple Morden Mosey series. This is another quick couple-of-hours kind of a series of 21 caches with a random church micro thrown in for good measure. These took me about a hundred minutes to do.

I was happy with that because it left me just enough time to do a couple of multis in the village of Steeple Morden too. I could have walked to these from the loop but decide not to for some reason. Anyway, I moved the car down into the village. I was expecting to have to do the research for the multis before finding them, but it turns out I’d previously managed to google the solutions to both, so I already had the final coordinates in the GPS, and both were quick finds, which was a bonus.

That’ll Do

By the time I’d done all that it was past 5 pm. I had an appointment back home with the rest of the family and some dinner. So, time to go home.

I count finding 54 caches in under 5 hours as recovering the mojo somewhat, so I was happy with it.

The caches I found were :