Familiar Ground

A couple of loops to make a busy autumn day. One was at the Giddings and the other around Thurning. I do love the Giddings as a name.

The first loop started by the entrance to Hamerton Park Zoo and involved a lollipop-shaped out-and-back-with-a-loop. It was a bit I’d left one day earlier in the year, when I’d done a monster session in this area. It was about 7km round and included 15 or so caches from the “Another Gidding Gander” series plus three others, to make a total of 18. I parked on the grass verge outside the Zoo, as I had done before here. The Zoo Car Park isn’t usable for geocachers because they charge, and they’re not open all the time. Why would they provide free parking? They don’t. Which I guess is fair enough. Anyway, moving on, the caches were all to the west of the zoo, in the open countryside.

The second loop was a more substantial affair. It involved parking up in Thurning and walking 13km through the “Thurning and Back” series, with a few offshoots thrown in for good measure. This loop had a very healthy 54 caches on it. I walked this as a clockwise loop starting from Thurning Village. That meant I was committing two cardinal sins. I started halfway around the numbered sequence, and I was walking in descending number order. My walk began at #29 and then at one point in the middle of my walk I did #1 of the series, followed by #42. I probably should have sacrificed a goat to make amends, but I didn’t have one in my bag.

I made this up to a rather healthy-looking 83 finds for the day with a few drive-bys that I was, well, driving by.

The caches found during the day around the Giddings and Thurning were: