Easy Walking

This was a Sunday jaunt over towards Grafham Water for a few grabs from circuits that I’d failed to finish previously. The series in question were the Woolley Mammoth and the S2E2.

The area I needed to go to lay between the villages of Grafham and Ellington. Some of the parts of the two series that I was missing were caused by a previous failure, at the end of 2013. That wasn’t a failure because of my inability to find caches. It was the failure of the battery failed in my phone (see Ellington Expedition). It was that event that prompted me to switch to use of a “proper” handheld GPS. Maybe an extreme reaction, but I guess my mind had been moving that way anyway. Breaking the battery in my phone just pushed me into making the decision. It was nearly Christmas, anyway.

Back at the plot, it was a fairly easy walk around. I parked on the road between Ellington and Grafham and walked a figure-of-eight shape. The east part was across fields and was fast walking because it was summer, and mainly dry. The west part of the figure-of-eight circled a wood.

When I’d finished I decided I’d go to do a few more around the village of Grafham. I didn’t spend long there though, because I had a couple of fruitless searches and a couple of unpleasant locations. Those convinced me to stop and go home. M’eh! I’d found 30 or so in three hours.
Never mind, they can’t all be brilliant days, I guess.

The grabs I made around Grafham on the day were :