Hatley, Again

This was another day for hacking around to clear away a big chunk of the Hatley Heart Attack series.

On the radar for today was a biggish loop starting in Hatley itself, and looping towards the south and east over a distance of about 15km. It contained the very lowest numbered caches from the series. So I guess theoretically I should have started here instead of in Biggleswade. Never mind, huh!

I’m afraid it was another day where I didn’t take my camera, and where I didn’t pass any spectacularly good caches. There were just lots of them. 68 in fact. That’s good for early February.

It took me all day. It was getting distinctly dark by the time I got back to the car.

Generally, they were all easy finds apart from one that was evidently missing, and one where I found the appropriate hanging device mentioned in the hint, but no actual cache. It didn’t matter much though, because one of the remaining loops I had to do after this involved returning more or less to the spot where those two were missing.

As I approached the very final little part of the loop, around the church in East Hatley, I bumped into a couple from Scotland who looked like they were also up to no good. Nice to meet you. They were apparently doing a few caches in the evening. They’d driven down during the day, and had the aim of hacking round quite a few of them on the following day. It’s definitely a pastime that brings out the somewhat peculiar side of people. This couple had driven the best part of 250 miles to leg it round a bunch of fields. In winter. It takes all sorts, apparently. Including me.

Caches I found on this day of hacking around Hatley were :