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A Welcome Surprise

I have to admit I can’t remember the previous time I’d managed to persuade both daughters to come caching with me. There must have been some special reason why they decided to come this time, but my memory is failing and I can’t remember what that was. Maybe they just felt ill, or had been instructed to join me by Senior Management. Maybe there had been a plague of locusts or the proverbial Happy Fairy had paid us a visit overnight. The reason escapes me. Anyway, the plan was to go to Hillesden for a spot of caching.

Back at the plot, my target for the day was the higher-numbered half of the HAH series near Hillesden. I’d done the lower-numbered half a year previously – see Poundon Around – and today was the day to finish them.

Get on with it!

I parked the car by the church in Hillesden – the same place as last time and a known good location. We walked a clockwise loop which took us close to the village of Twyford, and then the circuit turned due north and finally east back to the church. That circuit accounted for 25 finds. There were six more from that series up the road away from Hillesden, and then we headed over to the nearby village of Chetwode to finish off six final caches from the “RAG” series that I’d left behind before.

It was a very pleasant day for November, as evidenced by the photos. We managed to make a total of 38 finds. That’s a pretty good total for a Sunday in November.

I don’t have a lot else to say about the day though, as a result of typing up this post somewhat after the event.

The caches I found on the day were: