A Beautiful Winter’s Day

A quick dash around the quiet Bedfordshire village of Houghton Regis with BingBongLong on a sunny Saturday afternoon in December.

Before going down to Houghton Regis, BBL had spotted a potential first-to-find opportunity near his house, so we went for that and while we were there, he helped me to find a puzzle of his that I’d solved some time previously but hadn’t been to look for.

Technically, the first half of the walking in Houghton Regis wasn’t around the village, it was over some fields. I remember parking somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Having returned there a few years later it’s now a housing estate, but in 2014 it was definitely fields. The fields in question were muddy but passable, and I think we found all the caches.

We had some time left afterward so we moved up into the village and found a group of caches around the church and Houghton Hall Park. There was one in this batch that involved a bit of a tree climb.

On the way home we stopped off in the woods near Woburn Golf Course where there were a couple of challenge caches we both wanted to do. We were able to do these as drive-bys.

The caches we found over the course of the day were :