iBletchWin.jpgSo instead of packing materials to go on holiday we decided that a bit of caching must be in order. After all, who needs to spend time packing anyway ?

I can’t remember who’s idea it was to go out but at some point during the day Kas had spent some time reading the clues for iBletchWin Bonus Cache – a previous “unknown” She had a theory, and that theory involved not needing to get the bikes out, so we thought we’d give it a go.

As usual, Kev seemed to be the only one wearing vegetation proof clothing &  footwear and he was suitably dispatched into the undergrowth chasing Kas’s theory. She was correct, so the whole job took about 5 minutes. Which meant……

It was far to early to go home, so all agreed we’d go have a quick pop at Super Happy Team Stealth Fun Bench MK  in Kingsmead. That’s one heck of a big name for such a small cache. As the owner notes in the text this is in a location that might be regarded as rather conspicuous. What at all could be seen as suspicious about a group of four people parking up in a housing estate and walking all of 10 yards to sit on a bench for 5 minutes and then leaving again ? Coupled with the gentle background noise of curtains being opened just wide enough to be peered through. Oh, and a small child shouting “muggles” whenever anyone else came into earshot. We might as well have taken a pot of whitewash and written “look here” on the pavement. I hope it’s still there.

The holiday that we weren’t packing for was our two week trip to St Malo.

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