Well, north Milton Keynes. And actually, it’s not that grim. OK, maybe a little bit.

This was a Friday night special by all four of us based on the now traditional ruse of promising the kids they could have tea at McDonalds, but only after some caching.  So gear in hand, off we jumped into the trusty old bus and away we headed up North of grab a few that are required to solve some of Kitey’s finest, and a couple of others in the meantime.

Along the Canal

First up was MK Waterfall ? by Candy Mook. This was much trickier than you would expect from the description. Mainly because it requires some rummaging inside places you normally wouldn’t dream to go. Dirty places. Places where there are sharp objects. Places that a 45-year old fat lad just shouldn’t be trying to reach. It took a little while but eventually the goodies were spotted amongst the brickwork of the relevant construction, and so on to the next one.

Poohsticks on Speed by Kitey is required to solve bit of the Mission Impossible series. As it turned out, the clue given in here didn’t help much at all. In fact, none of them helped that much. However, it was easy enough to solve the puzzle and the cache was spot on where it ought to be, so all hail to that. Easy find once the puzzle is solved.

Maytrees and Muggles by Candy Mook was a bit further along the canal. Having laid a few caches ourselves now we know that it must be at least 568ft further along, otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed it. Anyway, it was a quick easy find for Kas & Ami. Third of the night in double quicketty quick time. Must be time to let the girls have a very quick play in the nearby playpark.

Milestone Series – The Power of Numbers by Kitey is also required to allow solution of the Mission Impossible series. The location is quite public and I’m sure we were being watched by several of the local residents when we pulled up, but thankfully it was a quick find and away.

Now, where’s the nearest McDonalds then?