What to do on an otherwise dull and grey Sunday afternoon in December?

Captain Geocaching.com told me there was a new series of traditional caches over on the way towards Cambridge, based around the villages of Knapwell and Elsworth. Why not, I mean, how hard could that be?

I parked up in the best looking spot, which is at the village shop in Elsworth – good off road parking that you can stay all day – and proceeded in a clockwise direction around the loop. I’d definitely been in this village on a previous trip a couple of years back.

My walk took me most of the way back down to the main road near Cambourne and then back across the fields to Knapwell, at which point I made a couple of little diversions to complete the Knapwell Navigation series before rejoining the main loop.

As I remember it, the caches were all well placed with good coordinates, and as they were fairly new they also all had good quality log sheets. That made for a decent caching experience on what would otherwise have been a quiet December day.

On the way out there were a couple of drive-bys on the main road that I wouldn’t have got otherwise, and I drove up to the village of Boxworth to grab a couple there.

53 finds on a December day counts as a good day out. The caches I found were :