This was just a little jaunt up the Tattenhoe Linear Park in search of one of our previous failures – Linear Trek #3 by odysseyboy123. This was a solo effort by Kev one Tuesday evening once the girls were bedded down for the night and Kas was busy working. A welcome break from football overload, in fact.  We had visited this as a family once and Kev had subsequently tried one evening and failed again.

Anyway, this time Kev went alone and totally unaided by any form of technology. To quote Obi-Wan, “use the Force, Kev”

Turns out the old Jedi-shuffle did the trick. I’m sure that the flaming thing wasn’t there on the previous two visits. It must have been somewhere else, because on this trip it might as well have been painted bright orange and playing a vuvuzela. Stevie Wonder could have found it.

So, sign the log and scoot off home again.

Oh, and after we failed to find Linear Trek #5 again a week ago, we reported it (or we’re terminally stupid). Result is that odysseyboy123 paid it a visit and has confirmed it isn’t there, or at least it isn’t where he left it. It never got replaced and as soon as it was archived we replaced it with one of our own – not at the exact same spot but definitely within 568ft of there. Have a look at the Tyne Tunnel.