The Sketch

I hadn’t done any caching since returning from the Easter mega-trip to Paris ( see Val D’Oise Madness ), so I thought it was about time I got on with a few more. Anyway, it was late April, by which time in southern England you can pretty much rely on it being quite warm weather, and the light lasts until well after 8 pm.

I seemingly didn’t anticipate finding anything interesting to take photos of, so didn’t have my camera with me. It was evidently just a caching day, with no distractions allowed. It was a Sunday, so I left the rest of the family at home and headed off for a solo day of tupperware hunting.

I parked in the middle of Litlington village by the side of the road and this allowed me to choose which circuit to walk first, the two options being “Litlington Logistics” to the west and “Litlington Locomote” to the east. I decided to go west, because, you know, life is peaceful there, with lots of open air.

The walking was a mix of agricultural land and woodland, with one stretch running alongside an active railway line. Quite a lot of it was along big, open, grassy bridleways. It was fairly fast going.

After finishing this first long loop, and finding over 40 caches, I ventured over the other side, to the east of Litlington, to hit the second series ( the “Locomote” ). This is a somewhat shorter circuit which runs out a mile or so along a bridleway and then forms a triangle by heading south and north again over fields. This took me back into Litlington village. When I got back to the car I had a little time and energy left to hoover up a few stragglers of caches in the village before driving home again.

The Reckoning