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The Sketch

A quick dash (well, not that quick) around north Bedfordshire and west Cambridgeshire with BingBongLong and Ami. We were having a go at the Little Staughton Sortie series.

I needed a “matrix” day and I managed to persuade Ami to join myself and Andrew for a walk so she could get past 500 finds on her account. To get there she needed around 25. Easy peasy.

It was a refreshing day after the recent heatwave. There was some cloud and it was quite breezy. That was a bit better for walking than the previous week’s trip out.

We parked up next to Memorial and then walked our way around the Little Staughton Sortie series starting with #01 – Little Staughton Sortie. There aren’t any startlingly good caches on the series but it is a pleasant enough walk and just about the right length for a keen 9-year-old – about 5-6 miles in total. Ami told me once that she doesn’t like “drive-by” caching because it’s dull. She much prefers to get out into the countryside and have a bit of a walk.

The whole walk around took us about 3.5 hours and we found 32 of 34 caches we looked for. There were a couple of random drive-bys on the way too, just to get the numbers up.

Ami’s 500th find was quite entertaining. She was determined to get it herself, but sadly it was a magnetic attached to a road sign about 7 feet up, so she couldn’t reach. Instead, she started trying to climb up the post, but couldn’t quite get there. Eventually, the constant shaking of the post took its toll, and the cache popped off and hit Ami on the head on its way down. Fnarr! I gave her a lift up to put it back though.

The caches we found were :