Day 2 began with a significant amount of breakfast at the hotel. We didn’t start particularly early because it had been a long day the previous day and I didn’t have the heart or the energy to force Ami to get up early, so when the alarm went off I switched it off for an extra 45 minutes to let her sleep a bit longer.

We got out of the hotel at around 10 and were parked up in our chosen destination, Livilliers, by about 10:15. We really weren’t very far away from the caching zone. I wish I could have this many caches to find this close to home. I suppose I used to have exactly that, until I found them all.

Back at the plot, we parked behind the church and I had a few scares while we were getting ready because somehow the car alarm kept setting itself off. I think it must have been some dodgy combination of button presses that I’ve never before done, but there was a point where I was thinking we should sit still for 15 minutes to see if it happened again.

We decided not to wait, as we’d got some caching to do.

On the radar today was a loop on the MTVO series that contained about 95 caches, and then a few more drive-bys if we had time. Like complete numptys we’d failed to acquire any soft drinks beforehand, so we set off without carrying anything to drink apart from various half-bottles from the previous day. Given the length of the walk this sort of concerned me for the first couple of hours, but as time marched on it concerned us a lot less, because we just weren’t getting either tired or thirsty until nearly the end.

My main problem was that I was getting very dry skin on my hands from handling caches (I think one of them had some agricultural “stuff” on it which drained all the moisture out). Anyway, I was getting very cracked skin on my fingers. More of that later.

The walk was 19.25 km long and took us 6 hours, during which we found 95 caches, of which all bar two were from the series.

At this time we decided we really needed a drink break and to go buy something for my hands. We spotted a shopping centre near Génicourt which appeared to fit the bill, so we spent 5 minutes driving there and parking. Once there, we got drinks, cakes and some hand cream, spending about an hour there before deciding to go attack a few more in the car. For drive-bys we headed through Livilliers up towards Vallangoujard, where we found a few more that required a park-and-walk strategy.

Just before 7 pm it started to rain a bit, so we finished off the stretch we were on and headed back to the hotel a little earlier than the previous night, having completed a total of 128 caches. Another personal best. They were :

Here are today’s finds in glorious smiley-on-a-map-o-vision.