Wrong County?

In a very rare turn of events, someone decided that they’d hold the 30th instalment of the Hertfordshire “Happening” events in Bedfordshire. It was at the Forest Centre at Marston Vale, which is really close to home for us, especially now that there’s a nice big dual carriageway that takes us there. The Forest of Marston Vale is a community forest project based around the abandoned brickworks and their clay extraction pits.

It was a very warm day, and I managed to persuade Daughterus Minimus to come with me. Presumably I achieved this by promising ice cream. That’s the normal technique. Or cake.

Since the last time I came to the Forest Centre they’d managed to erect an absolutely mahoosive wind turbine right in the middle of the place, thereby generating all their own power and creating a very obvious landmark to navigate by. It really is big. And it had a geocache stuck to the bottom. That was one of our first finds for the day.

Better Go Caching

We walked around the lake with a few of our caching buddies, picking up some new ones that had been placed since my last trip. This also allowed Izzy to grab a few caches I’d already done.

When we got back it was well past ice cream o’clock and the event had sort of fizzled out and disappeared. Or they’d all gone caching and weren’t back yet.

We grabbed a few random church micros on the way home too – at Marston Moreteyne, Hulcote and Salford.

The caches I logged at Marston Vale were :