Walking Round Measham

We were spending a pre-Christmas weekend up at my folks’ house in Measham. We drove up on Friday night, as we usually do, and ran parkrun at Conkers on Saturday morning, as we also usually do. Once we’d done all the usual I found myself with a spare afternoon. The ladies of the family were having an attack of “it’s cold” or “I’m tired” or “meh!” That created the opportunity to go for a bit of a dash around Measham to have a go at a small series of caches that had appeared since we were last there. Or at least, they’d appeared since I last went caching there.

The series was good from the perspective that it didn’t need the car – it started and ended in Measham village. It was also of a conveniently short length that it could be done comfortably in the afternoon, even right near the winter solstice.

I’d been around that circuit for a different series on a previous day, although that day I was with Kas and we were running. It went over the fields towards Oakthorpe and then east towards Willesley before turning back around towards Measham. It’s not a hugely long walk and the series had 21 caches on it.

There weren’t any hiccups en route apart from nearly falling down a hole in the road. It had to be straddled to reach a cache, so it’s justifiable. It was a cold day and a bit wet. This caused me more disturbance than the caching, which was quite straightforward.

Anyway, I got back home before darkness, and probably in time to have to find some reason for not watching Strictly.

Monday Morning

We weren’t in any hurry to get home on Monday so we planned to stop for lunch. As ever I woke up earlier than I want, and the girls were in full “lazing around” mode, so I jumped in the car to go and do a mini circuit of some church micros to the west of Measham, specifically those at Linton (x2), Lullington, Coton in the Elms, Cauldwell, Chilcote and Rosliston.

Gotta spend my time doing something, you know.

The caches I found on the dash around Measham and the mini Church Micro drive were: