16-05-14 Meldreth.PNGIt’s madness ! Madness, I tell you.

Well, not really. It’s just that Meldreth begins with an “M” and so does “Madness”, but I guess I could equally have used some other descriptor. How does “Meldreth Mania” sound ? Or “Meldreth Mosey”, “Meldreth Mooch”, “Meldreth Meander” or “Meldreth Milling Around” ? I could have picked any of them, but I went for “Madness”

Anyway, all that is just an aside, but it may be about reveal that I don’t have a great deal of actual content to describe this particular day. I didn’t take my camera, seemingly, so I’ve had to nick some photos of the church micros off the actual cache pages.

The area being cached is south of Cambridge and east of Royston, sort of, and it is jam-packed with caching series. During the day I did parts of the series called the Meldreth Meridian Walk, the Orwell Outback, and the Shepreth Saunter. Go look them up ! Or follow the links here.

In total I found 96 caches during the day. A bit of a shame I didn’t make the 100 finds, but then time ran out on me, as did my legs.

CM2478 Cambs Whaddon.JPG

CM3620 Cambs Wendy All Saints.jpg

CM2570 Cambs Shepreth.JPG

CM1922 Cambs Meldreth.JPG

Caches found on this day were:

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