It’s madness! Madness, I tell you.

Well, not really. It’s just that Meldreth begins with an “M” and so does “Madness”, but I guess I could equally have used some other descriptor. How does “Meldreth Mania” sound? Or “Meldreth Mosey”, “Meldreth Mooch”, “Meldreth Meander” or “Meldreth Milling Around”? I could have picked any of them, but I went for “Madness”

Anyway, all that is just an aside, but it probably reveals that I don’t have a great deal of actual content to describe this particular day. I didn’t take my camera, seemingly, so I’ve no particular record of my progress and can barely even remember where I parked. Still, I logged the caches, and therefore I evidently went there and found them.

The area being cached is south of Cambridge and east of Royston, sort of, and it is jam-packed with caching series. During the day I did parts of the series called the Meldreth Meridian Walk, the Orwell Outback, and the Shepreth Saunter. Go look them up! Or follow the links here.

In total, I found 96 caches during the day. A bit of a shame I didn’t make the 100 finds, but then time ran out on me, as did my legs.

Caches found on this day were: