The Sketch

A warm Sunday afternoon and the opportunity for a bit of tupperware action. Specifically, drawing a picture of Mickey Mouse on the map near Cambridge by attempting the “Mickey’s Mystery Tour” series.

On this occasion I was accompanied by the Happy Hunter, and in our sights we had a recently released series that forms a big picture of Mickey Mouse’s head. It’s a series of fairly simple puzzles that results in a loop of caches around the village of Toft, which is a place I’ve been caching through on multiple occasions in the past (see CacheAthon Part 2Will This Ever End ? and No More Heart Attack !). In fact, this was fourth time I’d been through here, and maybe the third time I’d parked here. Hmm! Cache Central!

On this occasion I parked down a side street on the way to the church, having stopped rather dubiously for 10 minutes in a bus stop (it was a Sunday and there weren’t any buses due) to collect the materials for a couple of multis which we assumed would be on the route. They were. In fact, they were only just outside the village.

The walking for Mickey’s Mystery Tour was fairly easy. They don’t really have any hills in Toft, and the fields were all dry, so progress was quite swift. Most of the caches were fairly easy to find, with accurate coordinates and straightforward (non-cryptic) hints.

The series forms a couple of loops – a small inner loop that we walked first, and a larger outer loop that runs all the way out to Caldecote and Comberton.

It was a good day out, but I have no way of proving that. For some reason I didn’t see fit to take my camera with me.

The Finds

Here are the 62 caches I found Mickey’s Mystery Tour.