A Warm Day, and I couldn’t be Bothered

It was the day after I’d got back from most of a week in India. That trip was surrounded by two long caching sessions on the Geolympix Marathon Series. I decided it would be a good idea to go out and do some more caches. Well, the girls were all away up in the North East. And there’s only so much attention that you can actually give to a washing machine before it degenerates into just watching your kecks go round in circles. So I had a pop at the Midshires Meander series.

My target formed a nice figure of eight (or more like an hourglass) shape in the Northamptonshire countryside just outside Flore.

I have to admit that I’m writing this post so long after the event that I can’t really remember much about it. I remember I had to divert around the outside of a field containing a bull at one point. And towards the end I went through a run of 5-6 caches in a row that required me to climb over (or through) a fairly deep ditch. Thankfully it was summer and the ditch was quite dry in the bottom, but it was still quite deep.

After having had a week away in India surrounded by two days caching I wasn’t up for a mega-day of caching. I was quite tired and a bit jet lagged. It was a warm day too, which didn’t help. So after I’d completed the Midshire Meander, I gave up.

It wasn’t my favourite day of caching ever, but I don’t think I can blame that on the cache owner.