You can’t beat a Church Micro or several, especially on a bright, sunny day in January.

On this particular bright, sunny day in January I had both girls for company when I was in the car, but not whilst caching. They both took their iPads and wanted to stay in the car, so that’s what they did except for one cache at the very end. The good thing about Church Micros though, is that you normally don’t have to stray far from your car. In fact, on most of them, I had to stray farther to take a photo of the church than I did to find the cache. A goodly few of them were right next to where I parked, which was handy.

Most of the ones I found were either inside the unitary authority of Milton Keynes or just over the border into Northamptonshire or Bedfordshire. None of them were in Buckinghamshire, because technically speaking, Milton Keynes has not been in Buckinghamshire since 1995. If you don’t believe me then have a look at Part II point eight of the Buckinghamshire (Borough of Milton Keynes) (Structural Change) Order 1995, which reads ‘Milton Keynes shall cease to form part of Buckinghamshire’ and ‘a new county shall be constituted comprising the area of Milton Keynes and shall be named the County of Milton Keynes’. The evidence is here. So there !

Anyway, on the way home from all the churches I managed to persuade the girls to get out of the car and wander into a little wooded area to help me find a challenge cache. The challenge to be done beforehand was that you have to have found at least 4 different cache types each for 10 different cachers. This is harder than it sounds, but I’d checked beforehand and both me and Ami were good for it. Getting to the cache was a challenge too, and I was glad I’d made the kids come with me, because it involved scaling up a tree, and it was far easier for Ami to get up than for me.

CM1305 MK Hardmead.JPG

CM7164 MK Newton Blossomville.JPG

CM7168 Beds Harrold.JPG

CM7169 Beds Carlton.JPG

CM7165 Beds Turvey.JPG

CM7166 MK Cold Brayfield.JPG

CM7167 MK Lavendon.JPG

CM7050 Northants Bozeat.JPG

CM7049 Northants Easton Maudit.JPG

CM6579 Northants Grendon.JPG

CM7048 Northants Yardley Hastings.JPG

CM7163 MK Clifton Reynes.JPG

CM7160 MK Olney.JPG

CM7162 MK Weston Underwood.JPG

CM7161 MK Ravenstone.JPG

CM6929 MK Sherington.JPG

CM5598 MK Cross & Stable.JPG

The caches we found during the day were :

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