A quick dash through Milton Keynes on a Friday night chasing after a bunch of puzzle caches that appeared recently.

I’d got all of them solved by this time, and as the higher numbered ones are all in Tattenhoe, I’d also already been to find those ones. The lower numbered ones start all the way up near the concrete cows and run right through the heart of the town’s western side, through the near-continuous line of parkland from North Loughton Valley Park, through Wymbush, Loughton, South Loughton Valley Park, The Bowl, Furzton and Emerson Valley into Tattenhoe. In essence, a route where I needed someone to drop me off and then I could walk home. Kas provided the “dropping off” service and I set off walking at about 6:30pm. It was early July, so the light would be good until well after 9pm, I thought.

Some of the caches were quite tricky to find and the series is quite spread out, which meant progress was a little slow. It was already after 8:30 when I reached the side of Furzton Lake, and by the time I left Furzton Lake looking for #19 it was getting distinctly gloomy. I DNF’d #19 and then exprienced a series of DNF’s before eventually jacing it in and going home. It really was getting quite dark, and I had some work to do to prepare for the following day.

So all in all I found 20 of the puzzles. They were :