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The Plan

Time to do the only remaining section of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk series. The only one for which I had yet to collect the bonus. Even though I devised the coding for the MKBW Golden Bonus cache and knew full well where it was (because I helped Wavvy test it’s placement) I had somehow failed to complete both the Green and Indigo sections at the start of 2015, well over two years after they were placed. Because I’d vowed that I wouldn’t do the Golden Bonus until I’d either set or found each of the 10 section bonuses then it was still waving at me every time I looked at a caching map of Milton Keynes. This MKBW Indigo section was the last remaining one for me, after I’d completed the Green section earlier in the year (see MKBW Green).

The Doings

We went up there in a bit of a Beds, Bucks, Herts mega team. In the group were myself and Ami (aka Travelling Pumpkin), Happy_Hunter_HP20, Wavvy, and various members of Dave’s Piglings. I’m not sure which ones but it was sufficiently few of them that we could all fit in their large car. That’s a constraint that was very much factored into the planning for the day.

The reasoning behind this was that (as with all sections of the MKBW series) it’s a point-to-point walk. There’s a bit of a loopback along the “Caching for Kidz” series but this only gets you so far and leaves a couple of miles of cache-free territory in between. We therefore parked the Piglingmobile up on a country road out the back of Lavendon and carried the requisite piglings down with us to the river bridge at Turvey, where we met up with Wavvy. There must only have been two Piglings then. If there were more, they wouldn’t have fit in my car with Ami and the Happy Hunter.

The walk was quite leisurely and not strenuous (by my standards). The Piglings and various members of the party were armed with cake, Pringles, and other things. You know, means of sustenance with a high calorie-to-weight-ratio. We didn’t walk the entire MKBW Indigo stretch. In fact, we only walked just over half of it. The remaining bits were proportionately a long way away, and, of course, were not necessary for finding the bonus. The section was set out in the agreed format so that the bonus was roughly in the middle. That meant you could find  the bonus regardless of which end you started.


Once we’d finished with the MKBW Indigo series Ami, me and the Happy Hunter headed off towards Yardley Hastings to do five or six drive-bys before heading off home. A couple of those were interesting puzzles that HHHP20 had solved.