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A Pleasant Walk

The MKBW Turquoise section ran from the western edge of Milton Keynes at Hazeley School, across the countryside to the edge of Stony Stratford. It was one of the shorter sections and one of the easiest to navigate. There were just 17 caches including the bonus.

It was a lovely early autumn day on the day I walked them, and had arranged for Kas to drop me off and then to meet me again in Stony Stratford once I’d finished. It was a Friday so I was limited to the six-hour window in between dropping the kids off at school and fetching them back again. That was plenty really, though.

I started at the Hazeley School end and made some pretty decent progress. As I was walking into the final third I started getting a load of pings about new caches coming up. It was the beginnings of the Violet section of the walk, and as luck would have it, the end of my walk was going to be at the start of the Violet section, and I was a couple of hours ahead of the game, so could afford a bit more time. So the end of the MKBW Turquoise led straight to the beginning of the MKBW Violet. Planning, huh?

Or is it MKBW Violet?

In fact, even though I was the second to visit the scene of the Violet section I managed to get First to Find on most of the ones I tried. Apparently, another local cacher who shall remain nameless had been down for a look. She’d found the going a bit hard. So she’d disappeared off in a fairly foul-mouthed, rant-filled and rather misdirected huff. I found them all. They can’t have been that bad. OK, one had made its way 10 yards along the line of a hedge, but it still wasn’t hard to find.

Anyway, I loved them so much that I went back the following day to grab a few more of the MKBW Violet.