15-05-24 Molesworth.pngThis was a long solo day out in the Cachemuda Triangle – a cache-packed area in the middle of a triangle formed by the A1, A14 and A45/A605, in the area which can’t decide whether it’s Northamptonshire or Cambridgeshire. I was attempting to complete a series that looked too tempting to leave.

It included a walk around the “Molesworth Melee” series in, funnily enough, Molesworth, followed by quite a bit of driving around nearby villages collecting church micros, village signs and various other odds and sods of things. It wasn’t a particularly notable day, but it did result in 69 finds, 7 of which were church micros.

There’s not really a great deal more I can say, given that I’m writing this post retrospectively and there wasn’t much to talk about.

CM3740 Cambs Barham.JPG

CM6317 Cambs Leighton Bromsword Wesleyan.JPG

CM1737 Cambs Leighton Browswold.JPG

CM2194 Cambs Brington.JPG

CM3117 Cambs Old Weston.JPG

CM2238 Cambs Bythorn.JPG

CM2320 Cambs Molesworth.JPG

The caches I found on the day were :

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