What’s Goin’ On

This was a long solo day out in the Cachemuda Triangle – a cache-packed area in the middle of a triangle formed by the A1, A14 and A45/A605. The area can’t decide whether it’s Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire or Bedfordshire. It might be all three. Anyway, I refer to it as Northbedcambshire. Sometimes. On this day I was attempting to walk my way around the Molesworth Melee caching series.

I was a big enough series that I couldn’t not attempt it. It was way too big and too tempting to leave.

On top of the main walk around the “Molesworth Melee” series I managed quite a lot of driving around nearby villages collecting church micros, village signs and various other odds and sods of things.

I decided to be totally conventional with this one. I parked in Molesworth and did the series clockwise, in numeric order, starting at #1. Potentially this was just because the cache owner thought to put #1 near to a decent place to park. They don’t always do that. This is the normal reason why on the occasions where I start a series in the middle. It doesn’t explain why I sometimes don’t walk in numeric order though.

My day wasn’t particularly notable, but obviously it was a good one for the caching statistics. It resulted in total 69 finds, 7 of which were church micros.

There’s not really a great deal more I can say, given that I’m writing this post retrospectively and there wasn’t much to talk about.

The caches I found on the day were :