The Plan

Despite having lived within 20 miles of Northampton since 1992, it’s not somewhere I’ve made a habit of going to. Being a resident of Milton Keynes, Northampton doesn’t have a lot to offer that I can’t also get closer to home, with the exception of a decent rugby team. So I’d never really explored the place in any detail. Today felt like a good day to change that. So I went for a walk along the Nene in central Northampton, just to see what’s what.

I had some days off owing to me anyway and I was owed a caching day. So I decided to take a holiday and go explore the place. There was a Beds, Bucks, Herts caching event down in Harpenden in the evening, so I figured I might as well make it a caching day. There appeared to be enough for a decent day’s worth of box hunting if I drove to Northampton and wandered along the river close to the football stadium.

Walking Time

I remember it being a nice warm day, so I set off made my way over. There was plenty of parking near the start of the circuit as a result of the proximity to the football stadium. The walk initially took me west and away from the river before looping back around to the east and south. At one end of the loop I overshot to grab a couple of other easy-looking caches. After that I crossed the river again back to the north side. I diverted a little bit north from here to try to find a handful of caches on the way to and from the rugby stadium, but this proved to be rather frustrating as I started to miss the caches (or they weren’t there).

Once I got back into the main circuit things improved again. I made it back to the car in time to do a couple of drive-bys before needing to go home. At one of those I lost attention for a split second. That resulted in me scraping my two passenger-side wheels along a high kerb. I wasn’t very happy about that.

Pubbing Time

In the evening there was a BBH event down in Harpenden which all four of us went to, because it was at a pub and the kids were on holiday.

The caches I found on my walk along the Nene were :