The Sketch

A new personal best? What’s he on about?

Do what John? Do what John? Come again, John! Do what?
Do what John? Do what John? Come again, John! Do what?
Why, what, wiv whom and where?
Triffic, really triffic.
Pardon? Come again!

What I’m on about is that I found more caches on a single day here than I have ever done before, which is not bad seeing as it was only March and we’d only just passed the spring equinox and so there was only just over 12 hours of daylight to play with.

It was warm though.

Walk #1

I parked up in Orwell, having planned to do a lot, but not necessarily a new record. I’d told Kas I’d be out until I got bored with it though.

It took me a long time to get bored.

From Orwell I walked up to Great Eversden, Little Eversden and Barrington before returning back to Orwell. That got me the first 90 or so finds, but I evidently decided that wasn’t enough.

Walk #2

So after a brief rest at the car I headed off again to hack my way around the south side of Orwell village. There was a relatively short walk that would get me another 20.

And when I’d done those it was time to go home. Except there were a couple of convenient drive-bys on the way out.

Anyway, it took me all day, and I was a bit kippered when I eventually got back to the car and started driving home.

112 finds in a day though, eh? That neat my previous best by at least 10. What was better than that was that over 105 of them were done by walking, and with relatively little rest or sustenance on the way. I mean, it’s mad, but it’s quite impressive. According to my walking track, I covered 30.3km whilst walking.

Caches I found in setting a new personal best were :