The Sketch

At New Year, while I was in the middle of attempting to complete the Hatley Heart Attack series, one of the two responsible COs added another whole loop onto the bottom of a location that I’d been to before. So obviously I had to go and find those ones. Especially given that it looked like a really easy series. All the caches seemed packed together at near minimum distance, and the terrain looking uniformly flat.

On this particular day, I managed to persuade Izzy to come with me. I probably bribed her with the promise of going to McDonald’s for tea. She can be bought fairly easily when there are chicken selects and a strawberry milkshake on offer. To be honest, I’m probably bought fairly easily too, although not as easily as if it were beer.

Back at the plot, having Izzy with me is always fun. She moans a little bit about going caching, but then when we get there she’s really keen as well as being her normal chatty self. And she can keep going for a surprisingly long time, subject to there being a reasonable supply of Pringles or cookies (or both).

We managed to find 48 caches in under 4 hours, which is pretty good going by anyone’s standards. It was just about all the time we had available anyway. There isn’t much light at New Year, and we didn’t start early. So we gave up after the four hours and went home. Anyway, we had plans for doing something else in the evening.

The caches we found on this part of the Heart Attack were :