The Sketch

A Saturday in early March, and time for another attempt at a big day out. This time the plan was to go to Ryoland, and specifically Nuthampstead. There were two new series here and it also gave me the chance to finish off the “No Cheese Grommit!” series that I’d started two years ago.

I was accompanied by Candleford again, as often has been the case in the last two years. On this occasion, I was trying to be a bit better company. Last time out, in January, I was a big ball of grumpiness. That was caused by mum being in hospital and very unwell. By March, the situation had become much, much worse, but I guess I had had more time to adjust.

Anstey Antics

The first series for the day was Anstey Antics. This was a short series of 17 caches with few associated hangers-on in the village. We parked right in the centre of the vilage and first walked south before coming back to the village and walking the remainder in number order (clockwise). Ryo had recently walked around and changed the logs, so most were in good condition and, as ever, they were all where they should be.


The second series of the day involved moving vehicles up to Nuthampstead. This was a series of 18 spread over an extended clockwise loop, plus a couple of extras from favourite national series.

About 3/4 of this loop was over paved roads, so progress across the ground was quick.


I’d previously made two attempts at the “No Cheese, Grommit!” series at Barkway ( see Animated and Plasticine). Those were both long walks, but somehow the layout of the land meant I’d left a chunk of them to the north east of Barkway.