Milton Keynes has a New Climbing Wall

Why the title? Well, it was done on first day of opening of the new climbing centre in Kingston. Ami climbed the wall, Kas and Izzy watched, and I off went caching along Broughton Brook.

There were a number of caches marked down there but after a lot of fruitless hacking about I concluded that some of them were not actually there anymore. The owner has subsequently archived both the missing ones and those that were present. In fact I don’t know why I’m typing this blog at all. It’s not like you can go find those caches anymore. The ones I found were Broughton Brook – Kingston’s End and Broughton Brook – Water Carry On !, both by Wavvy.

I was unable to find Broughton Brook – Wind in the Willows and Broughton Brook – Bridge, and ultimately concluded they were missing. I quite often doubt my own skills, but in this instance I felt I was on fairly safe ground.

Never mind, it was a nice-ish afternoon and it was probably more fun than watching kids scurry up the walls. When I returned to the climbing centre, however, I was very impressed at how high Ami had managed to climb. Maybe I’ll sit and watch her next time. I might be impressed.