Not a great deal to say about this trip really except that I needed to fill a slot on the Matrix and to the west of Olney are caches set on two different days I need for the “366 Days Placed” list too.

I did a bit of mud plugging around the back of the Secondary School and decided very quickly that I wasn’t going to attempt the 9 part 2-mile long multi just there. Not in that mud. So I did 4 trads there and then moved into the town.

Olney seems to be the home of the impossibly long multi. There’s two in the town. One has 8 stop offs to gather the material and another requires you to gather, wait for it, 28 pieces of information from buildings identified by photos. Doing those two caches could conceivably take a whole day.

So I gathered a few bits then killed of a Trad and an Earthcache in Emberton Country Park, and then a couple of random others before heading back home with a total of 8 finds under the belt. Not a stellar afternoon, but good enough to fill a bit of Matrix.

And I took a few photos…………….