What’s Going On?

“If you’re going to have one, have a big one” is what I often say. I’m not sure why, but to be honest that’s not important right now. I do say that, and I say it quite often. By the normal scale of things, this was the very biggest of the big. A new personal best, in fact. I’m not sure I was planning for it to be a new PB, but it was a nice summer day and the walking (and caching) at the start was fast and furious, albeit without Vin Diesel. I’d returned to the site of previous monster days for a walk around the villages of Orwell and Eversden.

There was so much caching involved that there’s not a lot I can say about the day. I didn’t take my camera and generally didn’t hang around at any point during the day.

On the radar were (at least) the Eversden Extravaganza and Orwell Orbital series, with a few general outliers and a couple of drive-bys at the end to get me over the PB line.

Walking the Walk

It was a long old day.

I parked in Orwell in the same car park I used when I set my previous PB, and headed off through the Orwell Clunch Pit again. Anyone would think the local COs had simply replaced one series with another.

I bumped into a bunch of other cachers going the other way around at one point. I’d gone armed with a bunch of spares, having previously asked the CO if he minded me replacing the disabled ones, but in the end I didn’t have to replace any of them, because this bunch of guys started earlier than me and had already done the doings on all of the missing ones. Result.

When I’d finished adding everything up, I’d completed a pretty spectacular 114 finds. They were :