Two Loops, Not One

No, not “PAT and Charlie’s 7th Loop”, “PAT” and “Charlie’s 7th Loop” – It’s a double series mega day with a few drive-bys, random odds and sods, and the like.

It was a Sunday, and the girls were at home doing what they do during the afternoon. Kas went out in the morning to run the “Rocket 5k” event in central Milton Keynes.

I scooted out without really having much of a plan in terms of how long I’d be out. I’d sort of thought about doing these two series and then going somewhere else, but I also needed to be a bit careful as I was running a half marathon the following day. It turned out to be one of the most painful half marathons of all time. Too unfit, and stiff from the walking the previous day.


So the PAT series is over near Thornborough and consists of about 20 caches. When these were placed it forced me to rework some of the plans I’d got for my “Flags of All Nations” series, which caused some minor pain, but then it serves me right for planning something and then not doing it. I parked in Thornborough and walked them clockwise. A couple were obviously missing and I’ve yet to go back for them.

Water Eaton

Charlie’s Seventh Loop is a series on the south side of Milton Keynes which runs from Caldecotte Lake down to the far end of Water Eaton, through the Waterhall Park. Being one of Charlie’s Loops, the caches are tougher than the average bear, and take some time. There are lots of field puzzles and multis to do. I think I missed a couple of these simply because I couldn’t solve the puzzle whilst at the cache. I can honestly say I’d never walked the path from Dobbies through to the bottom of Caldecotte Lake, and nor had I come back to the Red Lion pub and along the Grand Union Canal into Fenny Stratford, so a bit of Milton Keynes I’d previously never seen. If I remember correctly though. the weather was a bit up and down, and there were a couple of bits at the start of the series where I was receiving far too much attention from cattle, and in one case, from a farmer too. The cattle were a bit scary.

Caches found on this day were: