The Sketch

Having had a decent day of furniture-building in Ami’s room on Monday I took the day off on Tuesday to go for one final monster caching day by bike before the daylight turned and the clocks had to be changed. The plan was to take the bike up towards Downham Market to do the Pentney PedalAthon series.

Driving Up

I was joined on the trip by Candleford. Well, that understates her role. More correctly, we went in her car. On a previous trip we’d concluded we could get both bikes into one car, so that’s what we did. That meant an earlyish start for me and a drive before transferring vehicles.

Pentney PedalAthon

This is a moderately large series of 60 traditional caches set to be accessible by bike. As it was October and we’d had a bit of rain, that accessibility remained to be proven.

The series forms a big figure-of-eight to the west side of Pentney, so that’s where we parked. We parked in an offroad area in the village close to the church.

Cycling conditions were good most of the way around. Through to #27 it was all road. Then a bit of farm track (gravel) for a few before reaching a pretty difficult section between #38 and #40. Here it was just along a grass footpath. It was uneven and a bit soft, so hard pedaling and not very forgiving on the butt cheeks. #41 to #48 took us through some woods, which were OK to cycle apart from a couple of bits that were up really steep slopes. Then #49 through #55 we on farm tracks again before finishing off on the road again.

Pentney Plodge

Just to the east of Pentney is the short Pentney Plodge series. It has just 12 caches and they are beside the road. Biking round these 12 took under an hour. There’s not a lot more to say other than that they were easy to do.

Finishing Off

Down at West Dereham is the “Wheelie” series. This is a bit drawn out, but we had a couple of hours of usable light left, so we started by driving our way around 20 or so of these. Again they were designed to be easy finds, and so they proved to be.

From there we headed to Hilgay. There’s a walk there which I haven’t done, and it remains that way. on this trip the light was failing quickly, so we only had time to grab a couple of traditional caches and a set of Adventure Labs. Most were by the roadside. The exception was the final lab stage, which required us to walk through the churchyard in the last of the daylight.

The day had yielded 109 finds. That was way more than I expected, so a good job, all in all.