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The Sketch

My first “proper” caching day in September. The girls were all out at a running event down in Leighton Buzzard as a result of Kas having volunteered to be a marshall, so I had the day to myself. I decided to do a few series in and around Poundon.

The weather was rather nice looking for September, so I packed the normal array of everything (to ensure it stayed that way) and headed off not long after 8 am in the general direction of Buckingham.

I’d got in my mind that I could have a pop at geoff&steph’s three series – one at Poundon, one at Hillesden and one at Thornborough.

I had to stop for some motion lotion on the way, after exhausting most of a tank full going to Bracknell on Monday and Warrington on Tuesday with my new job.

So it was quite an ambitious plan, but I had no particular time constraints and so far in September I’d only found 7 caches, so I was due a few.

The caching was mainly easy, aside from the field full of cows right at the start of the Poundon circuit. I don’t like cows. They don’t like me. Enough said. Well, I suppose if they’ve been suitably prepared, grilled a bit and served with mustard, chips and a salad. Then I quite like cows, but otherwise, you can keep them, thanks.

I didn’t quite make all three circuits. By the time I’d finished the second and sat in my car eating lunch it was nearly 4pm. I didn’t really have the time or the inclination for another couple of hours. So I decided to jack it in, via a handful of drive-bys.

So I politely retired for the day, having found over 60 caches. Less than I’d wanted, but as many as I could be bothered with.

Caches found on the day were :