What’s Going On?

After a brief trip up to Measham to see my folks over the weekend I had a few days holiday left to use up and, of course, the kids were on holiday. Time for a bit of pre-Christmas caching then, and another assault on the Hatley Heart Attack.

I managed to persuade Ami to come with me for this trip, having assured her we would take appropriate “provisions” and also that we wouldn’t be trying to walk further than she can manage. That’s never an issue, because she can manage to walk a long way when she wants to.

Our target was a couple of sections of the Hatley Heart Attack starting in the village of Tadlow. We set off quite early because, after all, it was December 22nd and hence equal shortest day of the year, with only about 8 hours of useful daylight to deal with. I deliberately picked a location where we could duck out half way around. That was contingency, in case weather was rubbish, or it got dark, or we timed out, or just got bored.

We set off from Tadlow in a north-easterley direction walking around a biggish clockwise loop leading down towards Guilden Morden and back into Tadlow. From there we had a second (somewhat smaller) loop running west and then north towards Wrestlingworth.

I didn’t take my camera, so no photos, I’m afraid.

We were out all day, but we did finish both planned loops. We found 74 caches over a distance of 18.5 km. And it was properly dark not long after we got back to the car.

The caches we found on this pre-Christmas dash around the Heart Attack were :