Not much to say about this one except that there was a new series up near Riseley so I scooted up there with BingBongLong and a plan to meet Brew-a-cache up there.

There was a bit of a delay getting going and we were also in the position of trying to figure out what to do with cars, as we weren’t planning to walk all the way round, so we had to figure out where to leave the one car we’d got with us.

It is quite a big circuit (too much for an afternoon in winter), which is why we’d decided not to try the whole thing.

All the caches were pretty easy finds and it was a nice sunny afternoon for caching, so progress over the ground was speedy.

By the time we’d finished we’d found 51 caches. Better than a smack in the eye with a wet kipper.

The caches we found were: