Miles from the Point

I always think Sawtry sounds a bit strange. But then, it can get away with it because it’s surrounded by The Giddings. Three villages called Great Gidding, Little Gidding and Steeple Gidding. If you’re surrounded by villages called The Giddings you can probably get away with all sorts of weird names. Maybe also “Sawtry and the Giddings” could be a good name for an indie band. I don’t know.

Back at the plot, there were two series up here that I hadn’t done (The Izaak Wilson Memorial Series and the Gidding Round), plus a couple of odds from a series I’d done before (the Sawtry, Sore Feet) but didn’t quite complete.

The Plot

It’s an area I had visited on multiple occasions before this day, and have revisited several times too, as it’s right in the middle of the triangle that’s been pretty much full of geocaches for years on end. Series keep popping up and being taken down, so there’s always something new to do. On this day I parked in a car park I’d definitely parked in before.

There’s not a lot to say about the day except it was sunny and warm. I walked just over 14km on my main walk and picked up 51 finds in that distance. I then did a further 11 finds in the car afterwards, seeing as I had a bit of time left over.

Quite a productive day then…

The caches I found around Sawtry and the Giddings on this day were :