It was the day after the moderately epic trip up to Rutland and Stamford with Wavvy and BingBongLong, and the girls were all still away in Sunderland, so I figured I might as well go hit the tupperware again.

This time I chose Sawtry in Cambridgeshire, from where I could easily access two series.

I’d been to Sawtry in spring 2013 with Wavvy and on that day had set myself a new record of caches found in one day (75). This time I had slightly more modest expectations, although having said that, I had no expectations at all on the previous trip and 75 finds was a distinct surprise. Anyway, on the radar for the day was poshrule’s Sawtry Saunter series and the now-defunct Little Gidding and Back series by IzaakWilson. The second of these followed the approximate course of MarcusMaximi’s new series The Izaak Wilson Memorial Series … and back – I wonder how that happened. And I wonder when I’ll be going back to walk around there again.

I had a slowish morning then hopped into the cache mobile for what is becoming one of my all-time most travelled routes (of all time). I am getting to know that bypass round Bedford quite well. I parked up in a car park. It happened to be the car park recommended for the first series, which was either brilliant planning or rather lucky. One of the two. This had the advantage that the first cache on the route was about 10 yards from where I parked. Always good to get into the caching nice and quickly.

There were a couple of hills at the start of the walk, which I wasn’t really expecting, and it was another fairly warm day, which resulted in me needing considerably more liquid than I actually took.

There was one point where the two series cross each other that I made a right mess of it, by causing myself unnecessary out-and-back walking across fields when I could have chosen a better (i.e. more circular) route, but otherwise it was a fairly productive day, although by the end of it my little feet had given up on me. In the two days of this weekend I’d found 136 caches and walked about 18 miles.

Once the walking for the day was done I did the normal trick of filling in my remaining time by finding a couple of church micros and some drive-bys.

Anyway, 61 caches found on this day in about 5 hours, so I was quite happy. And I just about managed to get home again before the ladies of the house returned.

The caches I found were: