Into the Woods

A windy Sunday afternoon in July, what better fun than to shuffle round a bit of ancient woodland in Shenley looking for small clip-lock boxes. It beats sitting indoors. You can do that in the winter.

So we decided on a bit of caching.  The Shenley Wood Donder by Sensei TSKC is a nice little offset multi where you have to visit an information board at Shenley Wood and simply locate the coordinates of another location in Shenley Wood. We had a theory on the coordinates which proved true. Hey, we must be getting good at this lark. So suitably armed we set off in the general direction, which proved to be a fair way round the other side of the wood. And boy was it windy. It was windy enough that the GPS was all over the place. We were wandering up all sorts of incorrect directions and generally getting well lost. Eventually we got a a reasonable GZ but experienced the old “which tree is it?” syndrome.

It took several minutes of mooching about before Kas had the bright idea of looking at the coordinates rather than trusting the compass. Weird though that was, because the destination was a bit deeper into the woods than we thought it might be. Hey Presto, there it was.  We decided leave Brook the Dragonfly. Brook wants to travel the world and meet interesting new people. At the time of writing this entry she has got to Shenley Church End, but will most likely move shortly.  The Dragonfly is the emblem of Ami’s school, Giles Brook in Tattenhoe. Ami’s class will be avidly watching Brook to see where she gets to.

Holy Wandering Signals, Batman!

From here we targeted another couple of thingummies in the wood starting with Emily’s bramble ramble by teamjaybro. This proved to be a bit of a bramble and nettle infested jungle, so a good old Size 9 or two from Kev was required to clear a path for Ami. It proved pretty easy to find though. The densest jungle is right up against the path. The rest was really quite clear once you got into the actual trees. We did a quick sign and run job and headed off for the next target……….

………..Which was Joshua’s Kids Cache, shown a few hundred yards away only. Unfortunately though the GPS was showing this deep in the forest even though the description says “just off the path” We had a party to get someone to anyway, so we gave up, resolving to have another pop on another day.

Well, two in an hour or so isn’t bad with two kids and two scooters in tow.