Near the Big Hangars

Sunday afternoon and some planned cache time, having sorted out schedules with the lady of the household. What to do and where to go? First, time to fill up a seat in the car, so I dropped a quick line to BingBongLong. He happened to be in our area hoovering up a few of my MKBW Yellow series. Yeah, of course he was up for a few more in the afternoon, especially if someone else was driving there. Must be his turn next. We decided to head over to a series near the Cardington Airship Hangars. There was a circuit nearby in a very immature┬ácommunity woodland at Shocott. The weather could best be described as gandiegow, if you’re of the Scottish persuasion.

I have to wonder whether the spelling of the wood is subject to debate, seeing as the cache owners chose to spell all the even-numbered ones with a double “t” and the odd-numbered ones with a single “t”. It would probably be irritating if you were a bit OCD, but my main problem was that the boundary of my pocket query of “1000 caches closest to home that I haven’t done” runs right through the middle of here. So when I first looked at the phone I got the western 5 caches only. I had to run my Bedford PQ for the first time in a few months to get all of them loaded.

So not a bad afternoon overall. A couple of misses on caches that were almost certainly not there anyway. 12 finds, and that took me past 100 this year and 2200 in total.