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What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Hmmm! So there an opportunity for some caching not far away in the village of Souldrop, up in the north of Bedfordshire. I was alone for this walk, as is often the case.

I parked up in the street in Souldrop itself and headed off to complete the series in a clockwise direction, which initially took me to the south of the village, passing a church micro on the way in.

About three caches into the walk I crossed the mainline railway that runs into St. Pancras. Funnily enough, because it’s a loop, you cross over the railway line somewhat further up at cache #22. But back at the plot, you go off the paving after about 8 caches, and after that there’s a burst over agricultural land until you get back to #15, which is alongside the Santa Pod Raceway – the UK’s home of the kind of drag racing that doesn’t include RuPaul. You know, the kind that involves blokes in very flashy gear going at it full tilt in an attempt to get one over on the other. That kind of drag racing. Although, on reflection, that description could apply to RuPaul’s Drag Race too. Oh! I’m confused now. The one with the cars. That’s the one they do at Santa Pod.

Changing the subject rather rapidly, to avoid further confusion, when you cross the railway line again there were a couple of off-series caches – one earthcache and one traditional round the back of an old brick ventilation tower.

From that point, it was a fairly quick walk back along a wide, grassy bridleway back to the road and then back into town.

The caching was fairly quick, and when I got back to the car I had plenty of time left to do a bunch of drive-bys on the way home, mainly in Felmersham and Odell.

I found a total of 46 caches on my caching walk around Souldrop. They were: