I’d most definitely been here before. In fact, it was recent enough that the day was still lodged in my memory. The previous day is documented in Souldrop Caching.

On this day I’d arranged to go and meet Wicked Lady for a walk around, having decided earlier in the year that doing long caching walks on my own is a bit dull. A few days beforehand I was exchanging messages with BingBongLong and he was able to come along too, so we joined up in Souldrop for a three-way wander.

The walk we took was basically identical to my previous visit except for not having to take the offshoot in the south corner, as I’d done those already. So we went in a clockwise loop from the village, heading initially south before looping around to the Santa Pod Raceway and then back to the north again.

The cache right next to the main gate of Santa Pod was a pain in the proverbial to find, and there happened to be an event on during the day too. Our lingering around here drew some attention from a couple of guards and hence required a bit of sweet-talking and general explaining to be done. I don’t think they were bothered about what we were doing. They were more concerned with whether we were trying to blag a free entry into the event, which we weren’t. Anyway, back at the plot, we found it eventually, using up a couple of PAF’s on the way.

The series was quite short, so we grabbed a couple of drive-bys on the way home and made a total of 31 finds for the day. They were: