This was a quick cache and dash whilst Izzy was in gymnastics. It had to be quick for two reasons, firstly I needed to be back before Izzy noticed I wasn’t there and secondly it was raining and I had neither a coat or umbrella and I didn’t want to get too wet.

With the thought that ‘this should be simple’ ringing in my mind off I went in search of Sweet by Wavvy. This one has the potential to be fairly tricky due to the number of muggles around. However as it was chucking it down with rain the muggles were strangely absent, actually, may be that’s not so strange!

The location was about two minutes walk away and then I just needed to find it. Unlike others I wasn’t going to sit down as that would have resulted in a soggy bum so I knelt down and pretended to re-tie my trainer lace. Not there, so move 10 foot and re-tie the other lace. Bingo! It was that simple.

Signed the log and headed back to Bletchley Leisure Centre. I’d only been out 10 minutes and the little one hadn’t even noticed mummy wasn’t there. A great result all round.