Thursday lunchtime, working at home, no girls in the house and no sign of the courier who is supposedly bringing a new phone that I’m sending back, so what do you do to pass the time ?

Take a guess !

So out with the bike and first of all scoot off westwards in search of WA6509 – New Norcia in Sight ? The owner gave me a strong hint the previous day which I worked out in about 5 mins after returning from the Event Cache the previous night. The site looked feasible on Google Maps and the goodies turned out to be right there. So easy that I found it without using the GPS – just biked straight to GZ and there it was. Lemon Squeeezy.

So back on the bike to try out a theory on Mission Impossible MK7: O Whose Workpad! by Kitey. See the mega series blog entry but suffice to say the theory was correct. Excellent, another coordinate to narrow down the search area for the bonus a bit further.