A Bit of a Disaster

Why do I refer to this day as a “disaster”? Why have I called the post “Thrapston Crapston”?

Mainly because it was one of those days where my initial enthusiasm got beaten into a bloody pulp of despair as a result of endless treks through neck-high nettles, up slippery banks and through insect-infested swamplands. If I’d been bright, I’d have given up considerably earlier. However, that would have been a waste of the hour or so it takes to drive there from home.

Anyway, back at the plot, the thought of it is so depressing that I can barely even bring myself to write about it.

The general gist of the day was to go out to Thrapston and do a shed load of caches. I was going to attempt two shortish loops, both beginning in Islip. The first took me west towards Lowick. That one wasn’t oo bad, to be fair.

The second loop took me into the valley of the Nene and around a sailing lake, and around some ponds. This is where it started to get draining. By mid-afternoon I’d been stung and bitten so many times that I just gave up and went home. Life’s too short. I know the finds map looks like I got all the way around, but it was no fun.

I tried to recover the day with a few easy drive-bys, but even those decided to fight me.

At the point I gave up, I’d found 40 caches. When I set off I’d hoped to find about 80.

To me, that’s a waste of a potentially good day out, and as a result I’ve never been anywhere near the place again.

The caches I found on the day were :