It was a balmy Sunday in April and the time was right for a good-old day of cache hunting.

I decided to head off to Titchmarsh, where there seemed to be two looping series with a total of over 80 caches that form a figure-of-eight shape – called the Titchmarsh Trackable and the Clopton Coordinate, which is a fairly typical naming convention for the owner, poshrule.

I parked up in the middle of the village, which meant I was starting at one end of the figure-of-eight, and hence had no opportunity to duck out once I got going. The total distance to be walked was approximately a half-marathon, which is a long way when caching, however the early stages were made fairly fast by the fact that they were along a paved road. In fact, of the 83 caches I found on the day, more than 60 were alongside paved roads. That makes for relatively easy walking, especially in this area, where there aren’t many hills. In all it took me 6 1/2 hours to complete the walking parts. By the time I got back to the car I was done with walking for the day.

Driving home was easy if a bit painful due to the onset of stiffness, but all in all, a good day of caching. For some reason I didn’t anticipate finding anything interesting to photograph, so I didn’t take my camera.

The 83 caches I found on the day were: