Not the traditional flour-producing kind of windmill though. The much more modern power-turbine kind. This was a long Saturday walk through some rolling hills on the border between Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. I was attempting to complete the Twin Turbine Trail and Winwick Whizz caching series.

I parked up on the grassy verge outside of Hamerton Zoo Park. There’s not really many other places to park around there, and you can’t go into the car park for the zoo unless you are going to the zoo. They charge for parking and they lock the gates when they close. Neither of these is advantageous if you’re going caching. They charge you for using their toilets too. Well, you have to pay to enter the zoo if you want to use them, which is a pretty expensive way of turning your bike round.

The two caching series on the radar very conveniently form nice loops which touch each other at one corner. You can do both loops without either having to double back or having to suffer a long, empty gap. Excellent. I like that kind of layout.

The first loop (Twin Turbine Trail) runs north and east from the Zoo and returns to a point directly south of it. The second loop shoots off at the most southerly part of the first loop. It’s difficult to explain, which is why there’s a picture of it on the page. Clever, innit? Essentially I did the first 34 of the Turbine Trail, followed by the Winwick Whizz, and then the last few of the Turbine Trail.

Anyways up, the result of the 17km of walking around the Twin Turbine Trail and the Winwick Whizz was 81 cache finds. They were :