Shooting Blind

A Monday lunchtime wander through some fields in Wavendon, just down the hill from work. This was done from memory of Google Maps and a bit of on-the-fly estimation. To be honest, it worked a dream. It was done from memory because it was done before I acquired my first iPhone and I hadn’t taken Kas’ GPS with me. And it was back in the days when Kas owned the GPS equipment for geocaching, not me.

OK, so it was early days in our geocaching lives. I’ve continued with it, but the ladies of the house have fallen by the wayside somewhat.

My two targets were The “Ides of March” and Let Sleeping Caches Lie!

The first of these was located by pacing out a number of steps from the main path and then rummaging in the most likely-looking trees. I found it in the fifth tree I tried. Not bad for pacing it out.

How Long are my Footsteps?

The second was full of logs indicating it might not be there. In fact, the item was actually shown offline when I attempted it. But, what the hell, try it anyway. It was actually the fastest find ever. It was right where it appeared to be on GoogleMaps. I just reached in and there it was. And it was in excellent condition too.

Sadly though, I am now completely out of caches that can be done by walking from work. I must get myself an iPhone and go out in the car more often.