The Sketch

Well, we had to really. I couldn’t go to Dover for a long weekend and not do that tempting looking caching series along the tops of the White Cliffs. That would be a waste, if not a criminal offence.

We went on the middle day of our three. Kas and Izzy spent the day doing “stuff” somewhere. So Ami and me took a bit of a walk in what I have to say was quite lovely weather.

Starting the Walk

Kas dropped us off about half a mile west of the Battle of Britain Memorial on the east side of Folkestone and we began our walk back towards Dover. There weren’t really any major plans except this being the morning activity for me and Ami, and assuming time allowed, then we’d go up to Dover Castle in the afternoon.

We started picking up caches fairly quickly, and then bumped into Kas and Izzy again at the memorial. They’d stopped for a coffee I think. The memorial was quite good for a free attraction. Seeing the actual planes (replicas or otherwise) is good. You don’t get any sense of how small the things are until you’re stood next to one.

Marching our way onwards we passed lots more caches on relatively flat terrain. All the time we were passing various bits of old military installation on the top of the cliffs. You could see France from up there. You could also see Samphire Hoe down at the bottom of the cliffs at various points.

Wot, no Bluebirds?

Once we got past Samphire Hoe the terrain got a bit more three-dimensional and the path got a bit more dodgy. We eventually started descending through some houses and out onto the A20 on the outskirts of Dover. I’d solved a puzzle that was a little way up the hill on the inland side of the road here. We found a way across the road eventually and then a route through some houses to get up there.

When we came back down Kas was a little way away, so rather than wait there we walked down the side of the main road to a roundabout at the bottom, where there’s a fuel station that has a Subway in the back. That looked like a good place to turn our bikes round and grab a late lunch (I think it was after 2 pm by the time we got there) while waiting for Kas and Izzy to arrive. We’d done 30 caches in total. It was quite slow going but the scenery made up for that in spades.

Kas and Izzy did manage to catch up with us at lunchtime and we did make it up to Dover Castle for a couple of hours later in the afternoon, all of which is described in the Down Dover post.

The caches we found on up on the White Cliffs were :